Welcome! My name is Eric Vettoretti (ALPCA 9419) and I’ve been collecting plates from my home province of Ontario for over 25 years. With the advent of social media, it seems more and more rare early plates have been surfacing and thought it would be beneficial for the collecting community to have one central repository for keeping track of these sightings and potential ownership. A common question always seems to pop up asking: “I wonder how many of those still exist?”.  I’m hoping the following pages will be an attempt to answer that question. To keep it relatively focused, I’ll be documenting all known surviving leather, rubber, porcelain (passenger and non-passenger types) as well as 1912-1920 motorcycle licence plates from the province of Ontario.

Information and photos have either been submitted by the plates’ owners, retrieved from archival materials, or have been downloaded from eBay or elsewhere on the internet. I would greatly appreciate any help in making these archives more accurate and complete. If you see an entry that has incorrect or new updated information please let me know. Also, some of the plate pictures are small Google image search hits. If you have a larger, better quality picture please send it through and I’ll also indicate the photo credit in the entry.

To make the process easy and streamlined, I’d recommend filling out the form below. The form allows you to tell me if you would like to post your name or not. Also let me know if one of the internet/ebay records might be yours, or any other update to a plates’ ownership listed here. If you prefer, you can also send me a good ‘ole fashioned e-mail with all the pertinent info.

The form does not publish the information immediately as I will be reviewing each submission before posting. I will try to update the pages frequently as reports roll in.

Thanks for your help – Eric.

Plate Registry Submission

  • Please enter the details of the plates you know of or own below. Note that only submissions that have a photo of the plate will be added to the registry for verification purposes.
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